Earth-friendly Energy,

Switch energy today, switch gas and electric and you could save you up to £250* on your energy bills.

Simply switch from one of the big six tariffs and save £££ per year.

Switch energy today in 2 minutes

Greener Energy

Why complicate things, all you need is one low tariff, from one  energy supplier which could be the lowest you can get currently for your electricity and Gas.

Plus there are no exit fees.

So by simply switching your gas and electricity supplier, you can receive £50.00 when your switch is completed.

The good thing about changing your gas and electric supplier is that it will not influence or affect the quote that your will receive today.

When you switch there is no need to contact your old supplier.
Your new energy supplier will inform your old company and let them know that you are leaving them.  Then all that will be required is a meter reading.
Your energy supplied will always remain on, so you will not get cut off, whilst you are switching over.
As an extra incentive if your old company charges you an exit fee, then this new supplier will pay your exit fee, by refunding you.

100% Renewable Energy

This very green energy supplier engages in providing its customer members with a 100% renewable electricity sourced from hydro power wind and solar; which 10% is green gas produced from renewable sources like food or farm waste.

For every unit of energy that you are using, this Supplier is making sure that each unit of energy produced is put on the grid by a renewable source. Remember this applies when you switch the Gas Supplied too, which is 100% carbon neutral. This means that at least 10% is completely green, which from a renewable source, for instance food or waste from farms. So, by offsetting the rest of the gas supply by backing projects that are carbon related project from around the globe.

Got a Prepay meter.

Don't worry You will qualify for the same rate as everyone else because there is only one low rate. Which means that everybody can enjoy one low renewable energy rate.

You will not get penalised like other suppliers do for having a prepay meter.

Looking After You

With so much choice in the marketplace, lots of energy companies and affiliates, all offering lots of different rates, standard rate, reduced rates, fixed rates etc.
All this seems to do is confuse people because of the different tariffs available.
Why not have one tariff- keep it is as low as you can by going for the best possible price possible, whilst still helping the planet with renewable energy.

Energy Alternative.

In 2019 at the current trend, approximately half of the power generated in the UK is now from low carbon rich sources.

Many companies are now making a concerted effort to make it easier for households, and companies of all sizes to switch to renewable or earth friendly green energy. That’s why this supplier is barging its way to the front when it comes to Planet friendly energy.

It only takes less than 3 minutes to switch energy supplier and the rest is taken care of. Its as simple as that!

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